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Melbourne-based stylist Lynda Gardener has a portfolio of some of the most beautiful design destinations under her belt. We couldn’t love her design sensibility, or her, more.

Photography: Lilli Waters for Hunter & Folk

Tell us a little about what you're working on at the moment…

I’m always working on numerous projects at one time. One of my current projects happens to be one of my own - my fifth accommodation space, ROOM + BOARD, located in Daylesford. This is a complete new build, which is something I never considered doing in the past. I was presented with a random opportunity - a piece of land right next door to The White House, another of my accommodation spaces. It was originally a long driveway belonging to a property at the rear. I leapt at the opportunity and challenged myself to create something simple and open-plan suited just for couples. It’s almost ready to go and so very special.

Do you think living in Melbourne has shaped your design sensibility?

I love Melbourne so very much. I live in the inner city and love that I can walk into the city in 20 minutes, always passing by beautiful architecture and old laneways and streets. Melbourne is effortlessly cool, diverse, Bohemian and has always had such a great creative community. I’m surrounded by so much creative goodness and clever people. Melbourne has definitely shaped me.

What’s the creative aesthetic which ties your work together?  

It’s always been the mix of old and new. We’ve always (along with Inside Story partner, Belle Hemming Bright) chosen to add pieces in all our projects that are sourced from flea markets, antique stores or second hand stores. I think this keeps our work unique.

“There’s nothing like something no one else can find or buy to make your home stand out.”

What’s your design process like? Are you in the studio every day?  

We work on the road, on the phone, from our homes, in the car! We’re on the move most of the time, not often sitting still unless we take a day to sit on our laptops. My office is in my home and it’s a mad messy desk full of cuttings, magazines, notes and ramblings. Just the way I like it!

You have a knack for transforming spaces into the most incredible destinations. Is there usually a moment when you just know that you will be able to create magic?

I’m not one for over-planning and over-thinking, it always feels right and the ideas just flow naturally. For me, it’s totally organic and never something I plan.

What would be your dream project?  

My own small boutique hotel in the city would be my dream project, however if it’s not mine (highly unlikely) I would love to design someone else’s!

“I’ve always loved the saying - ‘A head full of fears has no space for dreams’. Go for it - I like to jump in and give it a go. Sometimes later becomes never.”

What is your proudest achievement to date?

I don’t have an ultimate one proudest moment, in some way I’m so proud of everything I’ve achieved and created to date.

“I take each project on with love and passion - it’s all important and I’m proud of everything I’ve done and do in my life.”

Where do you go for inspiration?  

Everywhere around me - buildings in the city, colours in the park, friends, magazines, other creative peers, Instagram, travelling, meeting new people. Inspiration is endless.

What’s in store for the remainder of 2019?

Making sure my new guests love the new accomodation space and it’s perfected in time for my first lot of guests who arrive in the next couple of weeks. Inside Story is also working on many great projects - 2019 is filled to the brim!

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