inspiration for an individual home

An inspirational guide to decorating a home with the perennially popular elements of a neutral palette, natural ingredients and a carefully curated mix of vintage and modern pieces - from influential stylist and decorator, Lynda Gardener and interiors writer Ali Heath with beautiful photos by Marnie Hawson.

Curate, the highly anticipated book by creative duo, Lynda Gardener and journalist and stylist Ali Heath, reveals how to create a home that is truly individual. With their shared love of a monochrome aesthetic and natural imperfections, they explore the eight Elements that bring a space to life: palette, nature, textiles, lighting, a combination of old and new, storage, collections and art. Ten aspirational homes show the style in practice, including a converted warehouse, one-bedroom studio, bijoux apartment, historic cottage, country estate, new-build barn, remote shack, period townhouse and rural retreat.

Lynda Gardener Curate Book

I have long been an admirer of Lynda Gardener’s style and a big big fan of what her eye is attracted to. I remember many years ago while I was visiting Melbourne in freezing winter, I saw Lynda Gardener from a far at the secondhand Camberwell Markets, looking immaculate in her signature style, rattling around on the trestle tables. What struck me was that still after all these years in the game, she was one of the first people to arrive at the market just as the sun way coming up, that desire running through her veins. Sifting through dusty boxes, on the hunt for not sure what, but her instincts would tell her once she saw it. She is the real deal. I personally can’t wait for her forthcoming book, as it will be brimming with generosity and interiors knowledge, while being revealing and full of heart, as this is the only way Lynda lives her life.

Kara Rosenlund - Photographer, stylist & author

‘The beautiful interiors captured in Curate are layered with a sense of nostalgia and nurture. This is what makes a house a home.’

Sibella Court – Stylist, Shopkeeper

‘Every page of Curate is filled with an inspirational overload both in pictures and words. Working with texture, layers, colour and special personal touches it is a pure feast for the eyes.’

Hans Blomquist – Stylist, Art Director, Set Design

‘Everyone knows that to live amongst books is a gift. Curate is one of those books you will come back to, like a time worn painting, its contents are rewarding, rich and encourage you to chase your own unique style of domestic bliss.’

Megan Morton – Interior Stylist, Masterclass Instructor, Studio Owner

'A must-read for all confirmed monochromist or mono-curious design aficionados, Ali and Lynda's new book confirms that an edited colour palette is everything but monotonous.'

Hilary Robertson – Interior Stylist, Writer

‘Two of the most sought-after creatives, working together from opposite ends of the world, which has resulted in the most inspiring book.’

Sally Bailey – Founder of Baileys Home

'A paradise for the curious, Lynda and Ali present an interior perspective so cosy that you already feel you live there. Textural spaces cleansed in monochromatic hues – with ideas that invite your imagination to consider home and collections in a new light.'

Martyn Thompson – Designer, Photographer, Creative Director

'This gorgeous book marries inspirational ideas with real interiors, to help you curate a home that reflects your personal story and style.'

Kate Watson-Smyth – Journalist, Blogger