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Room + Board by Lynda Gardener

Lynda Gardener has transformed an unused driveway in Daylesford into her latest enchanting boutique accomodation space.

Words: Hande Renshaw | Photography: Marnie Hawson

“I added lots of one-off art collections from my travels only a few months before completion, including wonderful hand drawn sketches from markets in Portugal that now take pride of place in a few areas of Room + Board.”

Two years ago, Lynda Gardener saw a pocket of land, located right next to her property The White House in majestic Daylesford and decided it was the perfect spot for a petite boutique accomodation location. The area was actually, “a driveway which was rarely used, fairly overgrown with long grass and overgrown trees and somehow I convinced the owners next door to sell the strip of land at the back our adjoining property,” shares Lynda.

After designing four previous accomodation properties, the project is the first project the stylist has designed from the ground up. With total control of the space, Lynda’s aim was to create a light and airy interior, using barns and greenhouses as reference points for her inspiration, “ I knew the design had to be a simple, contemporary style barn, however filled with my favourite collections of old and new,” she says.

Design elements include timber trusses and a pitched roof to elevate the height of the space and give the single-room interior a lofty, barn-like feel. Mixing vintage with modern, a signature design tool for Lynda, the space features big salvaged recycled windows, picked up from an old schoolhouse, and large exterior barn doors, which were custom-made for the property. As with all her spaces, fine details shine throughout such as an old tin bath which sits on the back verandah and a hanging rail in the kitchen which holds bags and baskets for local market visits. We can’t wait to visit!

“I take great pride in the smallest of details, always making sure a new space is different from my last renovation or property. ”

“The botanic gardens on top of Wombat Hill (in Daylesford) has always been one of my favourite spots to take friends - the scenic drive gets me every time, it’s rather romantic,” shares Lynda Gardener. Photo - Marnie Hawson.

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